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Wasting Money Creating Debt

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Most people are surprised to see how much money they waste and never knew about it until they start tracking their expenditure.

The majority of the population would have a far better credit score if they tracked their expenditure.

Often they have enough income to meet all their bills and debt repayments but get into situations where they can’t make the payments simply because of overspending and wasting money on items that they don’t need.

A lot of this expenditure is for small items and that is why it goes unnoticed. It can be as small as buying a coffee each and every day or buying takeaways on a regular basis.

Even the cost of driving down to the local fast food outlet uses additional petrol and that can add up to a sizeable sum over the course of a year.

It’s the little things that sometimes matter the most at the end of the day as they are the expenses that can be the difference between paying the bills and having to pay late fees.

Consider how much the total cost of smoking cigarettes will cost over the course of a year and you begin to see how much more difficult life can be when money is wasted on items that are adding no value to the quality of your life.

You might not smoke but most people can find things that they waste money on regularly and would be happy to do without if the alternative was a life free from the stress of financial burdens.

Impulse spending and spending of the small change can account for a relatively high percentage of most people’s income and if this money was applied to debt reduction, credit score would soon rise to more favorable levels.

A good budget will quickly show where these ‘money leaks’ are and allow you to plug them and channel the money into more constructive areas.

It might take a few weeks of diligently tracking all of your spending for these expenses to surface but once you do you will find you can break the bad habits.

It might be all you need to do, to start heading in the right direction.

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